Joseph Store House

Meet Our Kitchen Team!

It never fails to amaze us that when we read through the surveys completed by mission team members, usually one or two will mention how much they enjoyed the food. For the most part, this is not restaurant food nor frozen meals. Here at the church we have a volunteer team that cooks four out…

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Harvesting Cactus

Did you know that cactus is a power food? Yes, it is edible and full of nutrients and one our most recent mission teams, Roca Nopal, helped reap our first cactus harvest ever. The cactus is grown at our Ein-Gedi Ranch along with a variety of other fruits and vegetables. The cactus will be used…

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Health and Nutrition Conference a Success!!!

Last week, we held a health and nutrition conference for the ladies of Pueblo Nuevo, a subdivision in the outskirts of Laredo and one of the poorest areas in the United States.    It is here where we  have the En-Gedi Ranch, which has allowed us to offer many training opportunities for the residents of…

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