Israel: Listening to God’s Will

Last year, some of our church members joined a trip to Israel that was very successful and inspirational.  There is something about visiting the sights were our Lord Jesus Christ walked and preached that is difficult to put into words.  The trip was such a blessing to all those that participated, that we decide to organize our own trip this year.  However, as most of you probably know from watching the news, the troubles between Israel and Hamas has thrown a wrench in our plans.

The trip has not been yet officially cancelled.  A few travelers have cancelled their plans and understandably so.   However, the bulk of the participants, who are all prayer warriors and strong in the faith, are still determined to go despite the turmoil in the region.  We will be taking the time this week to ask God to make it clear what His will is regarding our trip to Israel.  If it is His will we ask that He will clearly show us our purpose in going to such a volatile region at this time.  If it is not His will, that he will shut the doors and make it clear that we should not go.

We ask that you pray for us as we make this very important decision.  It could very well be that the Lord wants our prayer warriors there in Israel to pray for peace.  On the other hand, He may very well want us here in Laredo.  We do not yet know, but pray that the Lord will show us soon.