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A Call to Prayer!!!!!

A good friend of our ministry, a faithful and humble servant of God, was given a vision by God that we wanted to share with you.

A Sobering Vision

“Hovering over a beach, looking down the long coastline, I saw strong powerful angels knee deep in the waters facing the shore. They embraced each others’ arms and were holding back a powerful dark force, like a tsunami coming toward land. It was a dark thick liquid that was toxic with pieces of trash within. Some of the angels were brighter than others. The ones that were dim had the darkness flowing through their area of coverage like holes in a dyke. As faithful believers prayed, the Angels would brighten and the toxic sludge would cease flowing. Where the sludge flowed, it came onto the beach and into the town and would flow down the streets into people’s homes causing destruction.”

“As I was praying for my daughter, I saw her assigned angel become brighter, with flashes as specific words were prayed.  Angels were territorial. Some for family, individuals, church, congregations, workplaces, cities, states, countries. The beaches or coasts were in the USA, pacific, atlantic and gulf coasts.  Darkness and thickness of the water represented powers of spiritual opposition.  This opposition is growing larger and the angels are getting dimmer, lessening their strength. This is a warning to be diligent in prayer, interceding for all that the Spirit directs us.”

The Importance of Prayer

A warning it is and the Church must rise up again. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the prayer life of Christians is many times non-existent. Praying for ten minutes a day is not going to cut it, although some prayer is better than none. Even Jesus Christ, the son of God, spent hours in prayer. Prayer is the energizer.  It is what opens doors in the spiritual realm for God’s will to be done on earth. Without prayer, we leave our doors open to the enemy and our lives open to destruction (John 10:10).

The Unseen Spiritual War

Our friend’s vision is consistent with what we have seen in the Bible about prayer. If you want a good example of how prayer activates God’s angels, we suggest you read Daniel 10. Daniel prays and God immediately dispatches an angel to answer his prayer. However, in transit the angel gets detained by the “prince of Persia,” a high ranking evil spirit or demon if you will.  Michael is then dispatched to help the first angel and the angel is finally able to reach Daniel after several weeks.  What did Daniel do this whole time?  He prayed! Without his prayers, the angel would have never reached Daniel!

We are in a war. Not one we can see with our eyes, but we are in a war nevertheless.  If we as Christians stop praying, we will not only suffer the awful consequences personally but we will also suffer the consequences as a nation. And we are already seeing those consequences — you just have to turn on the television and watch the news.  On the other hand, if we as Christians collectively rise up and pray, we will see mighty miracles and wonders. We therefore plead with you and urge you to pray.  Pray often, pray always, pray continuously.

If you do not know how to pray, then feel free to contact us. We would love to get you on the right track.

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