No Joy Like Giving!

Team Colorado

There is no joy like giving. Many of the things that we do as people is driven by the desire to make ourselves happy. What is it that I can do for me, for my pleasures, to fulfill my own desires? And although we can experience happy moments on a great vacation, buying nice things, or even just being surrounded by those we love, few moments can compare to the joy you get from giving of yourself to someone that needs it. That is what Team Colorado experienced during their mission trip in February 2015. They saw the joy their hard work brought to people that needed their help.

Many of the missionaries that have been part of our program are involved in building and constructing. However, during their time here, Team Colorado, helped us destroy and demolish, but for God’s purpose. A family was living in a home under extremely hazardous conditions. New Vision has found a way to obtain a new trailer for them, but before the new could be brought it, Team Colorado had to get rid of the old. They put their heart into this grueling and tiring work.


That was not all. At the Ranch, worked on the irrigation system and harvested vegetables for the farmers market. The team also distributed donations to the needy of The Colonias and helped in the monthly food distribution for the elderly (Silver Star Program).

Thank you Team Colorado: Randy Shaw, Frank McMahon, Donna Gutierrez, Robert Gomez, Ruben Suarez, Kyla Cline, Micah Dietz, Mohamed Holley, James Gall!

To see the impact this work had on Team Colorado, read “In Their Own Words” below.


“This trip to Laredo was the best trip I’ve ever been on.  Just the experiences of knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life and the joy on their faces brought me great joy in my heart and life. I will never forget….”

“This was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.  After finishing up the mission trip I know my values have been strengthened. I had no idea the type of poverty within our borders and being able to serve these families was an honor and privilege. This mission trip has given me a new found appreciation for not just the people we served, but the new friends we created along the way.”

“My experience in Laredo was something I will never forget. Helping people is something I’ve done my whole life, but the past two days doing our food feedings, house tear down, and meeting some of the most humble people I have ever met is truly a life changing event.”

“Life changing.”

“This trip was an eye opening experience. To serve along side fellow employees was an opportunity I will never forget. I feel blessed to be able to help the people of Laredo in a number of ways and including a variety of communities. I was blown away by the amount of lives were able to come into contact with over the time of our visit. …….This trip has been an inspiration to to pursing helping people in the area that I live and through other mission trip opportunities.”

“From the moment I met everyone in the airport, down to the many children, elders, farm, stables, to the guest house. This has confirmed who I have [name of author] has been searching for! I was a lost soul, and I truly found myself in Laredo, TX. I never understood my heavy heart, my big heart until this trip…..I will be back. I’m taking home and sharing this beautiful experience.”

“The saddest part of this trip was seeing the way families live here. It was like being in Mexico.”

“I feel that the Laredo trip was an outstanding experience. The people were so innocent. All previous notions were excused at the moment I interacted with them. I felt surrounded by people of great integrity and passion to help one another. Being part of a company that has reached out to others in need–I like to be part of that. I am privileged to have been here.”

If you would like to do a short term missions trip, contact us or call us. If you are an individual, we can attach you to another group. If you are a company/church,/organization that would like to organize something for your employees/members, we can put something together as well. We certainly can use the help!

Author: Luisa Rodriguez is the official blogger for New Vision Community Church, daughter of Pastors Lucy and Luis DeLeon, and the author of Fruitfully Living.