Fellow Laborers

The greatest compliment that an organization can receive is to have others emulate what you have begun. It is one of our strategic goals is for others to copy what we have done in their own communities. Not so that we can receive the glory, but so that God can be glorified through the works of his people. Here in Laredo, we are a limited crew and limited geographically. So when others begin their own outreach programs because they were inspired by what we do here, we rejoice!

Hungers End Inc. in Mannattee County Florida opened their doors this year. We are so thankful that we had an impact on their founders, Carl and Vicky Snyder, and that they have incorporated some of our methods for distributing food. Vicky and Carl participated in one of the missions here in Laredo and were able to observe and learn on how we provide for the needy. Now they are running their own ministry and they are now fellow laborers with us doing God’s work!

Be sure to visit their website (HungersEndAmerica.com) and support this new organization!