Mission Team Delivers a New Home

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPoverty is very prevalent here in Laredo. It is always amazing to see some of the conditions that families live in and it is hard to believe that such conditions exist here in the United States. But they do! However, through our ministry, with the help of many volunteers, the hard work of our mission teams, and financial donations from amazing supporters we are able to improve the standard of living for one family at a time. In April, the Colorado Family was able to receive their new trailer home. This is a new life for them and a new beginning.

Putting the Final Touches

The members of Team Boosta were able to put the final touches on the Colorado home by decorating and arranging furniture. They were able to experience the joy it is for a family to finally have a real home to call their own. They got to see the joy and relief of a father who is now able to provide a roof over the heads of his family. They saw the large smile of a mother how now has a home to keep and cherish. They heard the laughter of children that now have their own bedrooms. But most important of all, they were able to take part in blessing and anointing the home through prayer.

Praying for the Home
Praying for the Home

Thank you team Boosta for helping us during the last stages of preparing this home! Thank you also for your hard work during the Silver Star Program and for helping us bless other families in need! Thanks again to Boosta’s mission team members: Brandon Barnholt, Amy Kirtland, Brian McCarthy, Sal DiMatteo, Jamie Bonin, Russell Parker, Mike Leone, Gene Carter, Annette Roder


Read what Team Boosta had to say about their mission trip Through Their Own Words

“Amazing people and culture…joy of team building and working together….Your staff was exceptionally hard working and generous. Tremendous experience.”

“Fulfilling,spiritual, rewarding, engaging, humbling are the words that describe my experience in Laredo. It’s a reminder to me of the importance of gratitude, that changes my attitude. It is a gift from KeHE that allows me to be touched more deeply by the holy spirit and gives me the privilege to share those experiences with others.”

“As always, a tremendous experience due to your planning and hospitality. The food was outstanding and the people preparing and serving were even better.  I can’t believe the progress you’ve made at En-Gedi and throughout the ministry. God is Good!”

“Be cautious of the cursed tongue; be fearless in what you do. A happy heart is something. A joyous soul is everything. Be gracious in attitude; it is the foundation of attitude.”

“This is my second trip to Laredo. Like the first, Im so thankful for the fellowship.  But most important I’m thankful for the learning that I get from those we are blessed to serve. Their perspective on life and their joy and happiness inspire me.”

“This was an amazing trip.  I enjoyed every aspect of this experience. Lucy and Luis you have forever impacted my life and I will never forget either of you. I look forward to leading a team of my employees to serve the community of Laredo.”

“Awesome learning, serving, growing, reflecting…Definitely learning with more gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings I have in my life. I have committed to leading a life of more significance and gratitude. Thank you for your leadership, friendship, and fellowship!”

“Moving, happiness, celebrating, Christ working in the lives of others, the joy of his love manifested in so many ways. The fellowship of the church of the people.”

“Amazing, very impactful. It opened my eyes and my heart to opportunities. ……… Witnessing appreciation for soccer balls and houses in the same two-day trip was amazing. Both items (radically different) will only be enjoyed when shared. Perhaps opening myself up to more sharing opportunities will be the largest thing I take away.”

If you would like to do a short term missions trip, contact us or call us. If you are an individual, we can attach you to another group. If you are a company/church/organization that would like to organize something for your employees/members, we can put something together as well. We certainly can use the help!

Author: Luisa Rodriguez is the official blogger for New Vision Community Church, daughter of Pastors Lucy and Luis DeLeon, and the author of Fruitfully Living.