Nothing Wasted!

God is good and his abundance is overwhelming! If you have stepped through the doors of our church, you may have a pretty good idea of what we mean. As you enter the lobby, sometimes you will see boxes piled high and a variety of goods scattered throughout different parts of the church. You might see stacks of vitamin water, or fresh fruits and vegetables. You might see clothes, old appliances, toys, utensils. These are donations that we receive on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. The truth is that here at New Vision Community Church, it is like Christmas almost every week. We never know what we are going to get, but we are always excited to see God’s provision.

Sorting through donations.

We do have a variety of New Vision ministries that reach out to the community and we use a greater part of those donations to serve and minister to the people of Laredo. However, many times we do receive more than we can use. In an effort to be good stewards of what God has given us, we make every effort to not waste any of it. So what do we do with the extra stuff?

The answer is simple. We call on our network of other local ministries and parcel it out to those organizations that need it the most. This is no easy task, especially when you are dealing with perishables. It requires that our church volunteers sort through items quickly and efficiently for what we may need and set aside the rest for our receiving ministries. It also requires that our receiving ministries respond in a timely fashion. Because we do not have the refrigerated space to store many of these perishables, all of this must happen within a matter of hours. Due to the wonderful volunteers that God has placed in our paths and the other amazing ministries that work along side of us to feed and care for God’s people, we are able to make it happen day after day, and week after week. The end result is that little is wasted.

Wonderful volunteers from Clamor en el Barrio.

We want to highlight one of the ministries that consistently is efficient in responding to our calls. Clamor en el Barrio is a ministry that specializes in the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts in Nuevo Laredo. Their work is in line with God’s call to reach out to the unwanted and forgotten in society. They provide free rehabilitation to addicts for a six month period while sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are thankful to partner with such an amazing ministry!

The bottom line is that your donatons to New Vision Community Church is never in vain. Even if we can’t use, we will find someone that will!

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