A King Worth Following

AntiquityViolet_Fotor_FotorIn some ways, culture dictates how Jesus is seen in contemporary society. He is that really nice, passive guy in white robes with the beard and long hair. But Jesus is more than just a nice guy and he is anything but passive. When you read the book of Revelation, passive will be the last word that comes to mind and even “nice” may not cut it. The fact of the matter is that Jesus is a King, the King, and he should be viewed as such.

In this life, you either will accept him as your King or you won’t. In this life we have the freedom to accept him or reject him, but there will come a time when every knee will bow before him (Romans 14:10-11). What I want to put before you is why you should accept him, why you should be a follower of him. In an age when we have so many “idols,” and so many gods and “prophets,” what makes Jesus a King worth following?


He is a King worth following because…

He gave his life for His people.

He taught us to love our enemies.

He taught us to love and cherish children.

Even though he was raised in a culture where women were cast aside, he elevated them. He chose women to be the first witnesses of his resurrection and set His love for the Church as the example on how men are to love their wives.

He taught us to feed the poor, take care of orphans and widows, and to visit those in prison. He elevated the down-trodden and has asked us to do the same.

He taught us how to serve by humbling himself before his followers. He showed us how to lead by example.

He showed us that he loved us all, even when we did not deserve it.

He showed us that he is the way to Eternal Life. He paid the price. All we need to do is repent and follow him,

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