Guatemalan culinary graduate

Guatemalan Youth Perseveres to Reach Culinary Dream

One of the largest barriers that keep Guatemala’s poor from climbing the economic latter, is the lack of educational opportunities for children and youth. For that reason, before COVID-19, we started a scholarship program and were able to give three individuals the chance to go to culinary school.

All of our students lived in remote villages. When the pandemic hit, Guatemala closed down public transportation, making it almost impossible for our students to meet their schooling obligations. Two had to, understandably, drop out. However, one student, the youngest of the three, took a bold and brave step to make sure she could complete her studies.

Our mission was able to provide her housing at our mission house located in the city and much, much closer to the school. She was willing, as a young woman, to stay alone at the mission house without her family. That is a big step in a culture where family unity is primordial.

Her residence at the mission house gave her access to a tablet and Wi-Fi, a luxury her home did not have. So when the school switched to fully remote learning, she was able to keep up with all her lessons. When the school finally opened up for in-person learning, our mission was able to secure private transportation to get her there.

Through the pandemic, she studiously and faithful attended her classes and completed the program. Because of all her hard work, God’s grace, and the financial contributions of our partners, we are happy to announce that this brave individual has graduated and now holds a diploma as a culinary professional. We are immensely proud of her achievement!

Join us in praying for Rosalinda PĂ©rez. Pray that she may find employment in a place that will continue to nurture her desire to keep growing and learning in this field. And pray that we may be able to help other Guatemalan youths realize their professional dreams.