Team Antoine

Meet Team Antoine! It gets hot in Laredo, very hot. Temperatures in May average 91 degrees and the sun is strong, powerful, and sometimes overwhelming. Yet, our May mission team conquered the heat while doing substantial work at our Ein Gedi Ranch. They weeded our fields to prepare us for fall plantings and planted new tomatoes in our […]

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Overcoming Substance Abuse Through Jesus Christ

He always had the ability to make people laugh. Sean’s quick wittedness allowed him to poke fun of friends and family in a fun and sometimes crude ways. But you never felt offended, partly because you were too busy trying to hold yourself together from laughing so hard. Yet despite all the joking and playful banter,

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Debbie’s Story: Life After Deliverance

Debbie was born a Jew, but many years later she found Christ in the pages of the Old Testament. She approached Christianity the way she approached her professional career, with intensity, deep thought, and academic rigor. Debbie has always enjoyed studying the scriptures and taking every available opportunity to learn God’s word. She is a devout Christian

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Mission Trip to the US from Canada

When you talk about doing missions, most people will automatically picture missionary work in third-world countries.  What few people realize is that there are also missionary fields within the United States. At New Vision Community Church, we host missionaries on a regular basis that assist us with our ministries here in Laredo, TX. One of our most recent teams was from a KeHE

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