Ein Gedi Ranch Laredo

The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them;and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom like the rose.

Isaiah 35:1

Ein Gedi Ranch Laredo, is a mission outreach of New Vision Community Church, Laredo, Texas. Pastors Luis and Lucy De Leon have put faith into action to create an oasis in the desert.  This now luscious ranch was once a patch of dirt overrun by the Texan dessert.

Located fifteen (15) miles east of Laredo on Hwy. 359, this project is supported by grants from area foundations and other strong supporters of the ministry.

The major thrust of this project is to develop a working model of self-sustaining agriculture, small animal husbandry, and the teaching of job skills and other academic tutorials. Many residents of Pueblo Nuevo, where the ranch is located, are without resources or help to find them. The  Ein Gedi Ranch Project, started in November of 2011, now supports a community center, commercial-grade playground, producing gardens, chicken and rabbit husbandries, and a newly acquired ceramics operation. All these activities are aimed at teaching and improving the standard of living of our neighbors in Pueblo Nuevo.

The following pictures will give you a flavor for the type of work being done at Ein Gedi Ranch!

Many thanks to all the missionaries that have come and have helped make this a reality. If you are interested in doing a short term mission trip or volunteering for this important work, contact us!

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