“…if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” 

Isaiah 58:10 (ESV)

New Vision Guatemala is a non-profit organization created and funded through New Vision Community Church in Laredo. We work in a community named Santa Rosita which is nestled in the surrounding mountains of Guatemala City, about 45 kilometers away. 

The inhabitants of Santa Rosita live in extremely poor conditions that are exacerbated by its isolation.The closest major road is 7 kilometers from its outskirts. For a community where only a handful of individual own cars, that makes travel very difficult. Public transportation is scarce with only 2 buses venturing into Santa Rosita daily. Olivia, the community’s aging midwife, recounts how difficult it is when one of her patients faces an emergency situation. She is forced to beg for a ride to the nearest hospital. 

Santa Rosita also has no access to public water. Women do their laundry at a local stream that usually dries up in the summer. Their access to water comes at the mercy of a local land owner with a water reservoir who opens it up for the community once a week. 

Life is rough in Santa Rosita and that is why New Vision Guatemala is there. Read more below on our efforts to bring the Gospel and practical solutions to this beautiful community that is in desperate need. 

Improving the Health of Communities with BioStoves

New Vision Guatemala continues its works and efforts to install BioStoves in the community of Santa Rosita. Families here, traditional cook over open fires in their homes. This exposes them to smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning on a regular basis. Because of this practice, their health are greatly compromised. 

The BioStoves we have installed take into consideration cultural and traditional needs but also greatly reduces their exposure to toxins. Estufa Chispa stoves come with a chimney, but are also more efficient by requiring the use of less wood. 

Learn More Here About This Important Work!

Public education is still a luxury for citizens of Santa Rosita. The cost of uniforms and school supplies is cost prohibitive so families are forced to send their children to school alternating years. 

To alleviate some of those costs, we provide scholarships to families to cover the costs of attending school. We have also set up a community center where children can receive tutoring for free before and after school. Your donations to New Vision will help children get the education they desperately need. 

Providing Scholarships and Tutoring To Bolster Education