3 thoughts on “Main Church”

  1. Hi Lucy and Louis and church family I think of you all and are praying for you all. You have changed my heart and soul and I thank you I am now starting to forgive so my life and my grand children will have a better future. Once again I thank you for your kindness and hope to see you again. My mom is amazed by my planting skills. I told her thanks to tony. And now I’m addicted to Mexican coke lol only 1 a day. I just want you to know how you have changed my life I finally feel free. With all my love jenny Lietke from kehe in Romeoville. Hope to heat from you all soon .

    1. I was a blessing having you here. We are so glad that your life has been touch. God is good and faithful!

      Blessing, Pastor Lucy

    2. Jenny,…. what you experienced during the days you stay and after you left was Needed to realize how worthy you are to the eyes of your Creator, regardless if at one time you blamed Him for your misfortunes.
      He will continue working in your Heart until you truly realize that all you have deep in your Heart is His Spirit that keeps you alive and makes you realize that you’re His Child of His eyes. And what He started He will finish it until you get restored with His Peace and Joy With His Love towards you! U R Loved!……….Pastor Luis

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